Product Line

Feel free to browse our synthetic grass lines. We have many different styles to fit any kind of application you may be looking for.


Greenline’s synthetic grass offers cost-effective landscaping for lawns of any size or scope. Never hear a lawn mower at your business again.


Don’t work in your yard – enjoy it with Greenline’s synthetic grass. There’s no mowing or watering, fertilizing or weeding.


Greenline Artificial Grass is dedicated to manufacturing performance turf for all kinds of play. We build our turf to be safe for kids.

Why Greenline Artificial Grass?

Greenline Artificial Grass took control of the declining synthetic grass industry over a decade ago and pressed new concepts for the underserved residential market and trended away from the athletic-turf model.

The result: realistic, durable grass blades with multiple blended thatch colors for realism and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Process

Take a look at Greenline Artificial Grass’ “10 Steps to Instant ‘Grassification'”. From support before and after the sale to quality control to interacting with customers & vendors, we are here to help.


Greenline synthetic grass is backed better because it’s built better. Our contemporary artificial turf is Made in the USA at a sparkling 21st-century factory in Austin, Texas, operated in tandem with TenCate.


Many synthetic grasses look alike, but Greenline turf has earned marks of distinction with innovative concepts, techniques and materials – from strengthening blades and backings to tri-colored thatch.


Artificial grass is only as good as its blades, and the maximum realism and strength so evident in Greenline turf can be attributed to the highest-tech fiber featuring the best in yarn technology.

Welcome to Instant Grassification

Greenline is state-of-the-art artificial turf – a carefree alternative to the everyday lawn.

Convincing and Beautiful

Greenline provides all the visual and tactile pleasures of a natural lawn –specifically designed not to look fake. The blades are long and supple. The colors, blends of earthy greens and brown, are a match for Mother Nature. All the details are correct – fiber tips evoking fresh-cut grass, staggered blade heights, contrasting hues, even a “dead grass thatch.”

Better Than the Real Thing, Maybe?

This grass needs none of the TLC that a natural lawn requires — no watering, no mowing, no weeding, and no sweat. It’s perfectly green, day after day, regardless of the weather. Warranted to last for years without fading, and Greenline is safe for the entire family, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.


Greenline is ideal for four-legged friends — it’s non-absorbent and rinses clean. Dogs love our turf because it’s soft and lifelike; owners endorse it because it’s sanitary and durable.

1,001 Uses

You can “plant” Greenline turf anywhere a grass-like surface is desired, anyplace a real lawn wouldn’t grow. It goes indoors or outdoors, permanently installed or completely portable. Think of it as a lawn or a welcome mat, a dog run or a boat deck, in the garage or the “man cave,” a carpet runner in a hallway or “grass on the go” for a camping weekend.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Greenline is available in standard and custom sizes and distinctive varieties. We won’t recommend football turf for your home; our residential products are designed for front and back yards, pet turf for pets, putting greens for golf. However: Every Greenline turf does look and feel like real grass.

Surprisingly Affordable

Our quality is the highest but our prices are often the lowest. Plus, think of the money you’ll save with a maintenance-free Greenline lawn.

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