• Our Leadership in the Industry

    Why we are considered #1 in the turf world with our products.

Greenline qualifies to be crowned The Champion of Retail Turf

The Greenline pedigree was started by design-built entrepreneurism and through considering the limited available offering in second-generation synthetic grass, the founders pressed new concepts for the underserved residential market and trended away from the authentic turf model. The company’s forward thinking began developing innovations such as all-polyethylene monofilament grass blades paired with contrasting green and brown thatches, creating a new foundation of new and improved synthetic turf products.

Greenline then focused on building strategic partnerships and alliances with worldwide manufacturers. We then moved to the forefront in yarn technology with TenCate and explored the variety of color schemes, densities and pile heights available for various landscape applications and earned a reputation for selling maximum quality at an affordable price.

We are confident in saying that our company’s infrastructure includes product design, testing and engineering, along with progressive marketing and sales to landscape professionals and commercial clients. Greenline has a distribution system that includes multiple fulfillment centers in North America to provide convenience for all our present and future clients. Sales and volume have substantially increased even in an economy that has stalled in our landscaping industries.

Greenline continues to refine and improve our turf products and develop eco-friendly and money-saving solutions for any residential, commercial, athletic or pet landscape while embracing its core values of uncompromised quality and superior customer service.

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