• Our Artificial Grass Innovations

    Staying at the front of the curve helps us better our products for you!

Seeing – and Feeling – is Believing: Greenline Turf is Different.

In order to avoid the perception that all synthetic grass look alike, Greenline turf made it a priority to earn marks of distinction with innovative concepts, techniques and materials.I

n order to create a realistic, lifelike and environmentally friendly synthetic grass lawn, our company advanced the use of 100% polyethylene fiber to construct a high quality anti-fade turf. We engineered turf in color combinations specific to geographic regions and also enhanced its realistic and plush appearance by adding a thatch fiber ranging from various brown color tones.

Greenline is the only retailer that provides highest quality Tencate yarn with engineering attributes that include various blade shapes, color schemes, face weights and a strong tough bind to create the perfect, matte and fade resistant synthetic grass!

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