• Yarn Technology

    State-of-the-Art Yarn Technology gives the best product available.

An Artificial Turf is Only as Good as its Grass.

The realism in Greenline synthetic grass is attributed to the highest-tech fiber featuring the best in yarn technology.

The science behind the yarn composition- deniers, shapes, stitch rates, chemical framework, testing data- is the primary focus of Greenline product engineering. Greenline supplies one the most technologically advanced yarn technology in the synthetic grass industry, making quality its main objective.

Example: In 2012, Greenline look a big leap in yarn technology with the introduction of the exclusive “W” blade. The corrugated blade design, developed in conjunction with Tencate, sets the standard for resiliency and a realistic life-like appearance. This “W” blade, after extensive research and development, is extruded as a series of lateral parallel concaves in thick yet supple polyethylene monofilament. It results in a “memory” fiber that prevents matting with reduced reflectivity and superior durability. The W-shaped grass blade is considered a breakthrough in yarn technology compared to conventional rectangular-profiled blades cut from sheets of polymer that are prone to lay flat and look shiny.

Greenline also features synthetic grass tufted with a brown-and-green thatch- another of our company’s advancements. Our turf provides a realistic feel and appearance that emulates natural grass but doesn’t require the maintenance. Unlike some turf that is constructed from plastics such as Nylon, Greenline’s polyethylene synthetic grass fibers are non-abrasive, contain no lead or heavy metals and is 100% recyclable.

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