• The Process of Artificial Grass

    A step-by-step guide on how we run our company.

Greenline’s 10 Steps to Instant Grassification

Support Before and After the Sale:

We’re always at your service; help is just a phone call away.

Product Diversity:

We develop dedicated turfs for different applications; one size doesn’t fit all.

Deliver What’s Promised:

Greenline Artificial Grass offers superior value, at a competitive price, delivered on time.

Total Team Effort:

Greenline harnesses the international power of TenCate for resources, manufacture and expertise.

Quality Control and Manufacturer:

We sweat the details.

Research and Development:

It’s exhaustive R&D, sometimes requiring years to go from laboratory tests to market.

Convert Technology into Real-World Excellence:

Concepts are viable only if the product is workable at the grassroots level.

Innovative Thinking and Design:

Our engineering is the best and brightest.

Premium Ingredients:

Only the best extruded yarns and high-strength, heavy-duty polyethylene and urethane will do.

Interface with Customers, Vendors and Would-Be Customers:

We listen to their needs and ideas.

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