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A combination of superior engineering and custom varieties, plus quality ingredients and construction, produces the most realistic synthetic grass. With affordable pricing, Greenline delivers the best value in the turf industry.

Like carpet and other floor surfacing, Greenline synthetic grass is priced by the square foot. Basically, the amount of fiber determines the cost of each variety; the denser and pusher, the more expensive the turf. The initial cost of synthetic grass is greater than sodding or seeding a lawn — but because turf requires none of the constant maintenance, those savings typically offset that difference within a few years. Over time, a synthetic lawn will cost significantly less than natural grass.

For simple permanent lawn installations in small areas, Greenline is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. We provide written instructions that can be downloaded just below, and is also listed on the product label. Large yards may require the skill of a professional. Greenline has established a network of trusted landscape professionals; contact us and we should be able to recommend an installer near you.

Natural grass needs regular watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing etc. … but none of that TLC is involved in a Greenline synthetic lawn. It’s virtually maintenance-free. There may be a gentle brushing necessary, or use of a leaf blower, to remove yard debris. You can rinse off the turf when pets “do their business,” or when dust collects. For a heavy traffic area, brush the blades back into place as needed. But that’s about it.

Greenline products have a limited warranty for eight years from the date of purchase against fading, degradation and defect in manufacture. Typically, our synthetic grass lasts longer. Depending on use, typical lifespan of polyethylene turf is as much as 15 years or more.

Our synthetic grass features strategic perforations in the back to allow for natural drainage. Greenline turf provides superior drainage to natural grass for all-weather use; properly installed, as much as 40 inches of water can percolate through the system.

Absolutely. The synthetic grass fibers are supple but durable, non-absorbent and hypoallergenic, resulting in a soft, lifelike pile that pets like to romp and sleep on. Greenline turf also drains efficiently and is easy to clean – solid waste can be simply removed, liquid waste drains through the backing, and the lawn can be rinsed with water or household cleaners – so pet owners like this grass too.

Synthetic grass is designed to respond like natural grass, and in most conditions the surface temperatures will be similar. In full sun, synthetic grass absorbs more heat (Mother Nature gave natural grass the gift of transpiration) but turf should not be uncomfortable for feet or paws. A quick spray of water can provide instant cooling.

Of course. Greenline synthetic grass fiber is 100% polyethylene – “milk-carton plastic” – that contains no lead heavy metals and is toxin-free. The turf is non-abrasive and bacteria-resistant, so it’s gentle on the skin. Greenline is a green product that stays green that won’t contribute to clogging the landfills; our grass is recyclable, conserves resources and environmentally responsible.

Greenline does not sell directly to the consumer. Our products are available exclusively through our retail partners. To locate an Greenline dealer near you, see our list of retail partners or contact us at 888-578-3551.

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