• Certified Lead Free

    Greenline artificial grass products are built to be safe, and guaranteed lead free.

tigerturf-logoThe International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association is a non-profit membership trade association. This organization serves all playground equipment industry manufacturers and provides third-party product certification services for American public play equipment and surface materials. IPEMA promotes safety and in-depth information regarding issues affecting the playground equipment and surfacing industry.

Through rigorous third party testing, Greenline’s top seven TigerTurf products meet the requirements for the American Society for Testing Materials F1292 certification. This testing certifies each of these products achieve the criteria for G-Max (shock) in addition to the Head Injury Criterion score, which measures the impact severity quantifying the risk of head trauma.

Manufactured by world-renowned textile producer Tencate and distributed exclusively through Greenline, Greenline Artficial Grass’s products feature technologically advanced designs, realistic appearances and perform at superior levels. In addition to providing every installation with the most realistic synthetic grass in the industry, Greenline guarantees product safety and longevity through high quality synthetic turf production as well as trusted organizations like IPEMA.

IPEMA’s Philosophy

To represent and promote an open market for manufacturers of playground equipment and surfacing.

1. To represent and serve all manufacturers of the playground equipment industry.

2. To provide members with timely, in-depth information on key economic and governmental issues affecting the industry.

3. To promote relationships with other related organizations to enhance the strength of the marketplace.

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